(Français) Installation du Living Lab à Temple Sutton

On the 8th and 9th of September CESI travelled over the channel from France to Southend to install a ‘living lab’ at CREST’s flagship school, Temple Sutton Primary.

LL 12

The ‘living lab’ uses different wireless sensors which record the following:

1) Temperature/ Humidity

2) Motion

3) Electricity consumption

4) Light

5) Z-door/ window (whether the door/window is open or closed)

IMG_2210LL 4

The data which the wirless sensors collect then feedback into a computer at the school. This data can then be accessed online ( file:///F:/CREST/Living%20Lab/CREST.html) The data is summarised on the website and you can also produce different line graphs so that the data can be analysed.


The ‘living lab’ has been set up in three different types of classrooms.
1) A new build classroom
2) A retrofitted classroom (old)
3) A old classroom (not retrofitted)

LL 8

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